Current Facts

Current Facts

South Plains Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization providing electric service to its members. We are owned and controlled by the members we serve in the counties of: Childress, Cottle, Crosby, Dickens, Floyd, Foard, Garza, Hale, Hall, Hardeman, Hockley, Kent, King, Lamb, Lubbock, Lynn, Motley and Stonewall.

We currently serve approximately 30,000 members and more that 55,000 meters throughout our service territory, with a 3% growth rate.

Our wholesale power suppliers are Golden Spread Electric Cooperative and Brazos Electric Cooperative.

The Cooperative is a democratically-controlled organization ran by an elected board of directors who are also members of the Cooperative and are elected by the membership.

The Cooperative currently maintains 9,975 miles of line.

The Cooperative currently serves 56,524 electric meters.

In 2017 the Cooperative had $360.2 million in assets.

In 2017 the wholesale power cost per kWh sold was 6.2¢.

In 2017 the members' average cost per kWh was 8.9¢.