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The Donkey Whisperer

Truett with donkey herd

SPEC member and board member enjoys caring for rescue donkeys during his retirement.

There are many different types of animal rescue services, but have you ever heard of an organization solely devoted to rescuing donkeys?

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, headquartered right outside of San Angelo, began as a backyard hobby and has since become the largest equine rescue in the country.

Safety Starts with You

May is National Electrical Safety Month.

Electricity plays many roles in our lives, from powering baby monitors, cell phones and lighting, to running HVAC systems and appliances. No wonder we get so comfortable with its instant availability that when we flip a switch, we expect most systems or devices to do the job. 

Rigors and Rewards


If you were to poll a random sample of local high school or college students about their career aspirations, not many would have electrical line work at the top of their lists. And truthfully, anyone considering a career in the utility industry would be wise to carefully consider this specific role.

Co-ops: Focused on Service, Not Profits

survey clipboard

Now, as always, it’s a good time to be a member of an electric cooperative.

Not only are co-ops locally owned and controlled—by you, the members—they are locally run to serve your needs.

While many Texas electricity customers pay their power bills to companies that answer to faraway stockholders who demand a healthy profit every quarter, local members call the shots for electric co-ops.

OSMO Fosters Learning - First-grade students at Dupree Elementary benefit from Mini Grant


The Operation Round Up Board of Directors initiated a program offering small, $500 grants to teachers. Grants were available to K-12 teachers in art and science for the 2018-2019 school year. The funds are made available by South Plains Electric Cooperative members contributing to Operation Round Up. Their monthly bill is rounded up to the next dollar, and the extra change, averaging only $6 per year, funds projects like the teacher mini-grants, scholarships and much more.